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 Class 3/NFA Items & Transfers

We are now a Class 3 FFL Dealer, which means we will be selling and transfering NFA items such as suppressors, short barreled shotguns and rifles, and other related items. We will be offering E-file for those that qualify which will reduce your wait times significantly. Starting your trust. Now that I have my Trust, what's next?


Transfers & Private Sales

If you purchase a firearm, lower receiver, or other item online that must be shipped to a registered FFL, we can provide this service for you. Transfers, which require a background check at the time of pick up, are charged $25.
Due to the recent passage of restrictive gun control legislation in CO, all private sales must now include a background check. Ark Tactical will provide this service for $7, as this is the maximum fee permitted by the law.
Please note that all background checks will also require the new $10 fee to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This is another "benefit" of our CO Legislature this year. Ark Tactical must collect this $10 fee, as required by CO law.
Please note that this $10 CBI fee is non-refundable. If you pass, or don't pass, the fee still is collected.

 In order to consign a firearm with Ark Tactical, it must:
  • 1. Be in safe and working order.
  • 2. Have a safety device or be contained in a secure storage device.

 If your firearm meets the above criteria, we’ll be happy to help you! When you come by the store, you’ll be asked to fill out a form, and then we’ll help you determine a fair market value for your item.  Once the price is determined, it will stay at that set price for 14 days before any offers are allowed. Once your item has sold, you’ll receive a check in approximately 14 days. Ark Tactical offers this service for just 15% of the selling price.

Please be aware – if you no longer wish to consign your firearm and you would like to pick up the firearm(s), we are required to perform a background check before the item can be removed from the store.


Buy, Sell or Trade

LOOKING to PURCHASE a USED GUN? If you would like to purchase a used gun, our team at Ark Tactical carefully screens all firearms and verifies that they are not stolen. So you can rest assured that we only offer legal products for sale.  Please note: All consignment items are sold AS IS, with no warranty.



Minor gunsmithing and armoring is available, such as cleanings, scope mounting, sight installation, etc.  However, any gunsmithing beyond our scope is referred to an excellent gunsmith, BP Tactical. This is the gunsmith we use and recommend. Please refer to the Links Page for BP Tactical's contact information.

CCW Classes

We do not currently offer CCW classes directly, but also refer our customers to qualified and competent instructors. However, when we are finished with our remodel, we will have a classroom and will be adding training for CCW classes, as well as other trainings, on-site.
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