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FFL Procedures and Fees 


If you purchase a firearm, lower receiver, or other item online that must be shipped to a registered FFL, we can provide this service for you. Transfers, which require a background check at the time of pick up, are charged $25.


Due to the recent passage of restrictive gun control legislation in CO, all private sales must now include a background check. Ark Tactical will provide this service for $10, as this is the maximum fee permitted by the law.


Please note that all background checks will also require the new $10 fee to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This is another "benefit" of our CO Legislature this year. Ark Tactical must collect this $10 fee, as required by CO law.


Please note that this $10 CBI fee is non-refundable. If you pass, or don't pass, the fee still is collected.



For all your FFL needs please contact us ahead of time of your delivery. Some items can be delivered right to your home. You will be asked to select a delivery method. Shipping charges are based on the actual charges we pay, and vary according to weight and distance. Depending on the distance and load, goods are usually delivered within one or two business days.


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